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Simply Effective Meetings
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MyMeetingPro HD - MMP Meeting Facilitator


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MMP Meeting Facilitator
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Your own Meeting Pro

So you can conduct meetings that are:


Without having to become a meeting pro yourself!

MMP Simplifies the meeting process so anyone can facilitate effective meetings.

Introductory Pricing
Are you frustrated with meetings?
You're not alone...most attendees are!
Now you can download an app for that!
Download MyMeetingPro to your iPhone or iPad to help you conduct more effective meetings so you can recapture valuable time for you and your organization.
The MMP process simplifies running effective meetings using the following process.
Plan - List objective, add attendees (from your contact list) & agenda items and email.
Facilitate - Run the meeting with the help of MMP time-keeping features; capture meeting notes using typing, handwritten notes, pictures of whiteboard or flipchart and/or audio recording.
Summarize - Rate the outcome/effectiveness, capture summaries using the same choices.
Distribute - Choose outputs to send directly to attendees immediately at the end of the meeting.
Download MMP from the App Store.


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