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Pastor Enjoys Using MyMeetingPro

It's always good to talk to a satisfied user of MyMeetingPro.  Today I interviewed Randy Osborn who was a college friend.  In college at Oklahoma State University, I lived with 4 guys in a house which we all called the "white house".  Randy had a habit of regularly showing up at dinner time.  It happened so often, whenever we heard the knock on the door, we would all yell...."Come in Randy". 

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Clarifying Priorities

To manage your priorities, you must begin with a firm understanding of what your priorities are.  Follow the directions below to create a picture of your current major responsibilities and of the relationships among them. 

On a piece of paper, jot down your current major responsibilities, grouping them in categories.

Here is an example of a mind-map that I did for my work responsibilities related to the creation and marketing of MyMeetingPro, an app that runs on the iPad and iPhone to help run simple effective meetings.

By the way, I used an app called MindMeister to create this diagram.  Your diagram doesn't have to look like this one in any way, shape,  or form.  Be creative. Write  your job title in the center.  Group together related tasks.  Draw lines and use arrows to show relationships.  If you want, use symbols, pictures, and color to add impact.  Have fun!

Don't worry about neatness-think of your picture as a work in progress!

What are some of the criteria you will use to identify your top priorities?  Examples may include impact on the work group, impact on customers, financial impact, personal interest in the work, bosses expectations, opportunity of development, etc.  List several the criteria that you use in determining priorities. 

Now using these criteria, select 3-5 top-priority tasks or responsibilities you included in the picture of your job.  Put a circle, star, or number next to these top priorities. 

If you have questions, comments, thoughts, or observations, place them in the comments section.

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Preparing an Action Agenda

Many times in meetings, we discuss, discuss, discuss till we're all disgusted.  Is it any wonder that so many have grown disillusioned by the whole meeting process. 

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Preparing For Your Next Meeting

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Is This Meeting Really Necessary?

 What percentage of your day is spent in some form of meeting?  Consider that a meeting is defined as two or more people getting together for some desired outcome?  Are some of your meetings really necessary?  How can you tell which ones are necessary and which ones aren't?

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