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Top 4 Reasons Meetings Fail

What would you say are the top reasons that meetings fail?

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Persevere or Pivot

I'm reading a book called Lean Startup. My friend Jonathan Hegranes recommended it to me. Good information on metrics that determine product features and benefits. Startups often face the choice between perseverance or pivoting. Good examples of startups that pivoted multiple times before finding the magical customer sweet spot.

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Creating a Healthy Meeting Culture

When planting a garden, you'll have the most success if the environment is conducive to healthy growth.  In the garden, it consists of good soil, sufficient irrigation, appropriate sunlight, and protection from pests and elements. 

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Crucial Conversations in Meetings

Today I did a presentation on Conflict Resolution and Difficult Conversations.  Anytime you inject the possibility of threat or embarrassment into any equation, you get cover up or fancy footwork.  How do we make the undiscussable discussable in a way that preserves a good working relationship?  Steven Covey, the author of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People would tell us to balance courage with consideration.  I like that advice. 

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German Meetings

I was at Royal Thai (a local hangout restaurant) the other night.  I overheard a group of guys discussing a meeting they had attended in Germany.  They said that when the meeting got close to the scheduled closure time, a senior manager stood up and invited someone to summarize the meeting.  The guy admitted thinking...."Hey.....we're not done talking".  However, I kind of like this idea.  I'm gonna do some more research on German meetings and see if I can validate this technique.

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