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Meetings, Personality Types, and Myers Briggs

I'm doing a Myer's Briggs Type Indicator overview tomorrow for a management group at St. Jude Medical.  In preparation, I was thinking about the implications of style preferences on meetings and communication.  Had a good conversation with my friend Ron Vega which gave me some additional insights. 

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Using Social Networks To Support Your Meetings

How can you use the social network to support your meeting objectives?

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Seal Your Meeting Leaks

Impact of Meetings on the Economy

The American meetings and events industry directly and indirectly supports 6.3 million jobs and generates almost $1 trillion a year in direct, indirect and induced spending. The industry’s direct $106 billion contribution to the U.S. GDP is greater than the amount generated by auto manufacturing ($78 billion), performing arts/spectator sports/museums ($71 billion), and information and data processing services ($76 billion). If indirect and induced spending numbers are included, meeting and event production’s total annual contribution to the GDP is $458 billion.

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Effective Meeting Template

There seems to be lots of people searching for meeting templates.  A template is a consistent format for documenting meeting invitations and minutes.  Therefore, I thought I would share one that I found.  I hope that you find them useful.  What templates have you used before?  How have they worked for you? 

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