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MyMeetingPro - MMP Meeting Facilitator



Add attendees from contact list
Email agenda
Follows simple effective meeting principles and process
Continuous in-meeting cost calculator
Meeting/Agenda timekeeper
Displays current and next agenda item
Displays meeting progress bar
Ability to connect to a projector or monitor (iPad) displaying progress bar, agenda items and meeting notes
Visual cues and sound effects prompt group or facilitator when it's time for next agenda topic - including 2 minute (sound effect) warning

  • Typed
  • Handwritten
  • Audio recordings
  • Pictures (of whiteboard or flipchart)
  • Records effectiveness scores

Keeps meeting proceedings organized by agenda items
Email proceedings


Added features of MMP 2.0 include:

  • Improved iOS 5 compatibility 
  • Unlimited number of agenda items
  • Audio recording extended to 2 hours per meeting
  • Meeting date/time, objective and agenda now included in meeting notes PDF
  • Improved intuitive agenda navigation and input
  • New currencies for cost calculator - Euro, Yen, British Pound
  • Easier entry of average salary
  • Calendar & Outlook integration 
  • Improved functions for virtual flip-chart or whiteboard:

                 Multiple colors

                 Pen width

  • Undo/Redo/Clear
  • Improved look of typed notes in PDF
  • Include picture/icon with email
  • Camera/photo option for iPad2 users
  • Multiple options for resetting meeting: reset timing or resetting and delete notes
  • Purpose for each agenda item allows users to add more detailed information for each agenda item
  • Improved/easier video output
  • Importing of agenda from previous meetings
  • Settings:

                  Sound effects on/off

                  Meeting display options


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