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My Meeting Pro - App for simple, effective meetings

MyMeetingPro HD - MMP Meeting Facilitator
App Reviews

"The First & Only App to Help You Plan, Conduct & Document Effective Meetings. With awesome minutes & note taking and whiteboard capabilities keeping your meeting notes organized. Real users "love the way it works." read more...

"MyMeetingPro HD; a powerful meeting planning and documentation app for the iPad. This effective tool allows us to plan, store, and capture everything necessary to conduct and/or record meeting information utilizing the versatility of an iPad without having to lug a notebook or laptop into a meeting." read more...

"Its hard to keep track of our daily routines these days due to heavy and tight work schedules. With the help of My Meeting Pro HD now you can keep track of your meeting plans with ease. My Meetings Pro HD is an iPad app developed by Creative App Design who has a great experience in creating innovative apps that helps to simplify processes of an individual." read more...

Tap Magazine

"MyMeetingPro HD provides tools to avoid wasted time, helping you create and execute meetings. All the tools are nicely integrated and usable, and anyone who puts a bit of effort into using MyMeetingPro HD will definitely get more effective meetings out of it." read more...

Customer Comments:

"Just used MMP Pro for my first meeting and was very impressed. It definitely kept my meeting on track. Thank you for producing a great app!"


"I really like your product, it makes the planning of meetings easy and helps a lot regarding documentation and follow-up of meetings. I especially like the import function to easily put items from one meeting into a follow-up meeting."


"Very nice, very relevent. This app is clearly above the others and way less expensive. It's made for people who actually hold meetings and want to spend less time working for their software."


"Love this app and I'm already getting more out of it than the ones I wasted money on because they looked more comprehensive."


"Finally, after wasting money on meeting apps with fancy names, graphics and bad descriptions, I finally found a meeting app I can use!"


I'm very impressed with the functionality of MMP"

"Meetings are now easier!"

"I have purchased your meeting app which is great!"

"Great Work on the App!"

"Looks really cool. Saw you use it at our recent meeting and got the notes after. Really streamlines the meeting process.

-Marc Schwartz

What a great app! Intuitive. They thought of everything with this meeting App. Could add a lot of value to a meeting, keeping everyone on topic and efficient.

-Brenda Griggs Campbell Jacoby

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