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MyMeetingPro 2.0 Quick Start Guide


My Meetings Screen

A new meeting can be added by pressing the plus button, entering the title and selecting the date. Highlighting a meeting activates a dialog box for sequential navigation through the four process screens for that meeting (Plan, Facilitate, Summarize, and Distribute). A check mark next to the screen name shows that the screen has been completed. When reentering previously completed steps, the user may be provided with appropriate options.


Meeting Setting Screen

This screen includes options for sounds, recording, display configurations, salary and currency. MMP can calculate and display the on-going salary costs of a meeting. The meeting cost display can be turned on or off. The average salary of attendees can be set - the beginning default setting is US$52,200. This amount is the average annual salary of a college graduate in the US. It may be easier to use this average than to spend time trying to get a more accurate actual figure. Pressing ON under Record Entire Meeting enables automatic recording of audio content during the meeting for up to about 2 hours. After this maximum content is reached the recording will stop and no further recording will be allowed for that meeting.


Plan Meeting Screen

Attendees are added from the contact list or by adding a new contact within a dialogue box. Some users (depending on calendar set-up) will use the invitee blank in the calendar event dialogue box to add attendees. When adding Attendees in this manner, calendar invitations will be sent to each invitee. The agenda items and allotted time are entered and may be reordered (Reorder button) or edited/removed (Edit button) if needed. Pressing the Email Agenda button allows the user to easily send an email with agenda items to attendees and others if desired. Agenda items can be imported from previous meetings.

In some cases (again, depending on calendar set-up), Attendees can be imported from previous meetings. 

Press the Facilitate Meeting button to directly enter the Facilitate Meeting screen.


Facilitate Meeting Screen


Press Start to initiate the meeting timing. The PROGRESS bar is indicative of the total meeting time. The current agenda item being discussed appears at the top of the screen. The next agenda item appears below the PROGRESS bar. Pressing the Agenda button brings up a dialogue box with a list of agenda items in order. The agenda item appears green for the current agenda item when on-time. An alert sounds 2 minutes before and at the end of the allotted time for an agenda item. The agenda item advances to the next planned item based on allotted time. If this occurs before the discussion of the previous item is completed, the user can return to that item by simply pressing it in the Agenda list or by using the Previous button. At this point in the Agenda list, the currently discussed item turns yellow; the planned item turns red and the PROGRESS bar turns yellow. When discussion of that item is completed, the user presses the Next button to advance to the next topic (or press the appropriate item in the Agenda list). When back on-time the current agenda item and PROGRESS bar turn green again. The Previous and Next button as well as the Agenda list allow control over the current item being displayed/discussed and associated note-taking. Pressing End initiates the Summarize Meeting screen. If the meeting is ended before the scheduled time has elapsed, it can be restarted by returning to the Facilitate screen and pressing Start.


Entering Notes or Recording Audio:

Pressing the Notes button toggles between Handwritten or Keyboard entry. The Handwriting mode functions as a virtual flip-chart or whiteboard with numerous input options. Each screen in this mode occupies 1/2 of a page in the PDF output.


Pressing the Photos button opens a screen to take pictures of flip-charts, whiteboards or other items. Pressing the Record button toggles audio recording on & off: on is indicated by a flashing Record icon. The App will record and attach a maximum of approximately 2 hours of recording time. After the 2 hour maximum recording is reached, the recording will stop and no further recording will be allowed for that meeting.


The Facilitate and Summarize Meeting screens can be displayed on a monitor/projector using the VGA or Digital AV Adapter.


Summarize Meeting Screen

The Notes, Record and Photos buttons function as in the Facilitate Meeting screen. Press the Distribute button to directly enter the Distribute Meeting screen. The Reset button allows the user to RESET timing with or without deleting the associated notes.


Distribute Meeting Screen

Photos of flip-charts, whiteboards or other items can be distributed along with the typed or handwritten notes in an email by pressing YES followed by the Add button (after "Photos:"). Typed or handwritten notes are collated by agenda item or summary and are distributed in PDF format. After selecting items to be distributed, press Email to initiate email screen.


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