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MMP Plan - Meeting Organizer Now Available on App Store

MMP Plan - Meeting Organizer is available now on the iTunes App Store. This iPad/iPhone universal app helps meeting organizers easily set up an effective meeting - scheduling, determining attendees, setting an objective, planning the agenda and communicating with attendees. With meetings: failing to plan is planning to fail. This simple step is the first and perhaps the most important measure in having more effective meetings.

Surveys reveal that managers and attendees are frustrated by the waste associated with poorly planned and conducted meetings. MyMeetingPro (MMP), the premier suite of mobile effective meeting apps, aims to eliminate this waste by providing tools for organizers and attendees.

MMP Plan integrates scheduling, including attendees (invitees) through Outlook if an Exchange Calendar is utilized. After scheduling and entering an objective, adding attendees as well as agenda items (with Duration), an email with all this information can be immediately generated to communicate this information with attendees.

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