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Quotes From Users of MyMeetingPro

We continue to get great reviews in the App Store and from emails.


The great comments are very gratifying and gives me inspiration to make  MMP even more successful. We are really onto something fantastic. Not many times do you see people using the words "love" and "great" for a business app - but it is happening with our app.


I'm looking for users willing to be interviewed for a blog post.  So if you are a user and would be willing to let me interview you in a 10 minute phone call, send me an email at  daleperryman@sbcglobal.net or message me at twitter @MyMeetingPro


Here's a list of quotes that have been compiled.  Full  names were left out since we did not ask permission from all of these folks. 


I utilize your program on a daily basis and find it to be a fantastic tool. 

- MJ


...I love it!

- SP


... keep up the good work.



Love the way it works.



Great work on the app!



Very impressed with functionality of MMP.



Please say big thank you to your team.

(after addressing requests for improvements on 2.0 update.)



Great - Very good app. Sees Agenda as central plan for action and whole app is action oriented.

- Islaroja


...it had a good balance of features for planning, conducting and following up meetings.



I actually value the focus on workflow which, I have found, keeps meetings on track (half the battle for anyone chairing meetings)

- the seventhson


I attend a lot of meetings and this app makes organizing and summarizing them so simple. Intuitive,easy to use, it is the best. I love being able to take a photo and have it as part of the meeting notes.



It made us better

- RO




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