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MyMeetingPro Receives Glowing Reviews from Users


We recently received this review on iTunes


"Finally - After wasting money on meeting apps with fancy names, graphics and bad descriptions, I finally found a meeting app I can use. Very nice. Very relevant. Read the help file before you make stupid low ratings. This app is clearly above the others and way less expensive. It's made for people who actually hold meetings and want to spend less time working for their software."


 - Sardonick007


Sardonick007....wherever you are.  Thanks for giving us this unsolicited review. 


We also received this comment through email.


"Love this app and I'm already getting more out of it than the ones I wasted money on because they looked more comprehensive (but weren't). Can't wait to see the future of this app. Thank you!"


Keep those cards and letters coming.  We know we have created a great app and everybody who tries it seems to think so!






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