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How to Prevent Duplicate Appointments on Outlook Calendar


Using MyMeetingPro apps without creating new attendee calendar items


Users love the functionality of MyMeetingPro and the ability to create new Outlook calendar items with their meetings. However, MyMeetingPro HD and MMP Plan currently do not have a way to directly import an existing appointment from an Outlook calendar. We are evaluating ways to accomplish this in a future update. In the meantime, we certainly understand users' desire to not produce confusing duplicate appointments on attendees' calendars and can show you how to avert this problem. You may want to use this technique if you are the organizer of an existing meeting or if you are not the organizer of the meeting, and merely want to take notes for an existing meeting.


Preventing duplicate attendee appointments can be accomplished with the following process:

When you add a meeting on the My Meetings screen: simply select calendar; change the calendar to one of your iCloud calendars (see the first picture below); do NOT add invitees; and press Done - creating the appointment only on your iCloud calendar. If you now go to the Plan screen for that meeting you should see the option to add attendees (see the second picture below). When attendees are added this way an additional calendar item/invitation will not be created for the attendees but will of course show up on your iCloud calendar. Hopefully, this will not create any confusion for you.








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